Getting To Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay, part of a 365 island chain called the Exuma’s, is located 75 miles south of Nassau and 250 miles southeast of Florida. Staniel Cay is a small island, roughly 2 square miles, filled with endless Bahamian fun and beauty. 

Staniel Air generally flies in and out of Staniel Cay several days a week, sometimes more than once a day, to ensure easy check-in and check-out convenience.  On such days, you can take an early morning or afternoon flight from Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport to Staniel Cay and leave Staniel late morning or afternoon. Book flights with your stay at Lazy Bay Villas for the best rates and most convenient travel times.

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Staniel Air offers services to and from Staniel Cay. Once you arrive in Staniel Cay, you’ll be escorted to your villa while getting a short tour of the island you can explore. You can fly from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Florida, US, in a comfortable GRAND Caravan EX, which can accommodate groups of up to 9. Staniel Cay is only a 90 minute, picturesque flight (including a stop for customs clearance) from Florida.

Staniel Cay and its surrounding waters are a beautiful place for boating. If you’re coming by sea, we welcome you to dock directly behind your villa that is equipped with docking support of up to 35 feet. If you’re traveling in a vessel larger, other accommodations can be made for boats up to 170 feet in length or with an 8.5 foot draft at low water. 

We extend availability of two 34ft Jupiter center console boats for rental out of Staniel Cay. “Never-2-Nauti” is available with a captain for as little as $800USD for a 1/2 day (4hrs) or $1,200USD for a full 8hr day, plus fuel*. The price includes the use of the vessel with a designated captain. We offer a fully equipped fishing boat should you want to enjoy some sport wishing during your stay with us.