Lazy Bay Villas

Lazy Bay’s private villas in Staniel Cay offer a COVID-Smart Travel approach which incorporates private and more isolated spaces into its design. Uniquely configured, they offer a mix of privacy and proximity, well-suited for both individual parties and large groups traveling together.

Newly constructed modern villas offer guests 1,400 square feet of living space in fully furnished, private units that comfortably sleep up to 6 guests. Large outdoor deck areas feature a breezy front porch, a private splash pool with open lounging area and deck, sizable boat dock, paddle boards and full access to the lagoon out front. Boat, wave runner and golf cart rentals are available to round out your experience.

Bombay Villa Lazy Bay

2 Bed, 2 Bath Villas

Each luxury villa is equipped with a full kitchen featuring a full-sized refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, microwave, coffee maker, flatware and cooking utensils.

Home Away From Home

The villas are situated on the edge of the water with incredible views and a private splash pool adjacent to each suite set in an expansive deck and lounge area. WiFi, breakfast and daily linen service included.

For more information and priority reservations, please contact Staniel Rental at +1 (954) 900-2739, Monday through Friday, 8 AM ET until 5 PM ET.



Inspired by Bahamian sunsets and romantic evening strolls.


Everyone smiles while staying in this island treasure.


Feel the cooling breezes of enchanted crystal waters.

Getting To Lazy Bay Resort

Staniel Air offers daily service to and from Staniel Cay. Once you arrive in Staniel Cay, you’ll be escorted to the property and your villa while getting a short tour of the island you can explore.

Staniel Air flies in and out of Staniel Cay for check-in and check-out convenience. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday you can take an early morning or early afternoon flight from Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport to Staniel Cay and leave Staniel Cay late morning or late afternoon. Book your flights with your stay at Lazy Bay Villas for the best rates and the most convenient travel times.

Cancellation Policies

If you cancel your reservation more than ninety (90) days prior to your Arrival Date, you will receive a full refund of your paid Rental Fee. If you cancel your reservation more than thirty (30) days and less than ninety (90) days prior to your Arrival Date, you will forfeit your fifty percent (50%) of the deposit fee paid. In the event you cancel your reservations within thirty (30) days of your arrival date, the entire deposit will be forfeited. We reserve the right to automatically cancel your reservation if payment is not received in full thirty (30) days prior to your arrival date. We will not issue refunds for no-shows, shortened stays because of late arrival or early departures, or inclement weather. If you are concerned about possible cancellation, we highly recommend obtaining travel insurance to cover your trip. In the event a Hurricane or Tropical Storm Warning is in effect 72 hours in advance of the check-in time and date, the trip will be rescheduled at a mutually convenient date within 6 months.

Our 'No Worries' Trip Interruption Guarantee

If you have flown Staniel Air to your stay at Lazy Bay Villas, we offer the ‘No Worries’ trip interruption guarantee.  Should your stay at Lazy Bay Villas be interrupted by the threat of an impending hurricane, we’ll fly you to Ft. Lauderdale and back to Staniel Cay again at a later date to resume your stay, so you can complete your Lazy Bay Villas vacation, all on us.  No worries, your trip investment is safe.

**All rental properties in the Bahamas are assessed an additional 10% VAT tax. Rates are per night. Includes housekeeping and breakfast daily. Rates exclude any applicable taxes, special accommodations or requests. Pets are strictly non-permitted.