What To Do In Staniel Cay

Join us in one of our luxurious and roomy boats for an ‘insiders’ island tour. Take in the natural beauty of the Exumas and snorkel in the crystal clear, turquoise waters. Venture off to feed the Bahamian Rock Iguanas and swim with the nurse sharks at Compass Cay. We will make a stop to see the world famous swimming with the pigs at Big Major Cay and more.

Swimming Pigs

No trip to the Bahamas is complete without experiencing swimming pigs. Our boat captain takes you right up to Big Major Cay where you can stroll around, snap some photos and play with the furry locals.

Bahamian Rock Iguanas

Arriving at Bitter Guana Cay, you will be welcomed by hundreds of the Rock Iguanas coming to see if you have brought them any fruit. The Exuma Island Rock Iguana (known as Cyclura cychlura figginsi) is native to eight of the islands around Staniel Cay and the Great Exuma Cays and are listed as an endangered species.

Nurse Sharks At Compass Cay

At Compass Cay you’ll be greeted by what some say is a frenzy of fish. Not just any fish but a rather large school of scurrying nurse sharks. Within minutes you’ll feel right at home with these majestic creatures. They swim right up to you, bask on the docks during high tide and let you pet them as they pass by.

Thunderball Grotto

Dive and snorkel your way around this awe-inspiring underwater cave system. Located next to Staniel Cay, this fantastic sight is great for snorkeling, diving, and wading around the warm waters of the Bahamas. It is teeming with exotic marine life and a kaleidoscope of brilliantly colored coral reefs and fish, including vibrant yellow-tail snappers, huge blue and gold Angelfish.

Sunken Plain Wreck

The plane was used for drug trafficking during the 1970’s and deserted here in an effort to elude authorities. So the locals say. No one really knows for sure but what we do know is that it’s a great place to explore and snorkel in the shallows. Nurse sharks sometimes hide under the hull and it’s often times surrounded by vibrant tropical fish.


While walking along the secluded white sand beaches of the north end, make sure to comb through the sand for the beautiful shells. Take home your very own piece of Staniel Cay to hold you over until your return.


Something we can’t do in many places anymore is look up and see the beauty of a clear night sky. With little nightly light pollution you can see a wide array of stars that you never knew were there. Enjoy the view from Lazy Bay Resort’s serene, expansive outdoor decking area while enjoying a drink from the privacy of your villa.